“Huron County: Through the Years-The 150th Anniversary” 
In December of 2008, Al Eicher addressed nearly 100 members of the Huron County Historical Society on the challenges of preserving our historical traditons and the legacy from our pioneering families in Huron County. Due to considerable interest, this documentary was created and designed to highlight many places and events in our county’s growth. 50 minutes plus previews.  PS-26   DVD $22.00

“Michigan in the Civil War”
The 25th documentary created by veteran producers and directors, Al & David  Eicher. The 93 minute presentation follows a timeline of Michigan’s participation in events leading up to the war and through its conclusion.  More than 150 libraries, historical societies and individual researchers contributed photos and information.  70 minutes plus previews, PS-25  $24.00

“The History of Ballooning, Blimps, and the Great Airships”
Over 500 scenes were gathered from old photos, vintage movie films and artwork to build a timeline of events. The documentary covers the 19th century experiments, the Civil War, the Goodyear-Zeppelin Corp., WWI and WWII. Movie footage of the Gordon Bennet Balloon Races show the WJR Radio Balloon and other Michigan Balloon entries. 42 minutes plus historic previews. PS-22  DVD $22.00

“Early Hotels & Resorts of Huron County”
When the railroads came to Huron County in the 1880’s, an expansion of hotels and resorts soon followed. Tourists by the droves came to the shoreline towns. Excursion boats from Bay City, Port Huron and Detroit also brought thousands of summer visitors to the Grand Bay Port Hotel, the Pte Aux Barques Hotel and many others hotels in Huron County. PS-20  DVD $22.00

“Huron City, Michigan: A 150 Year History”
Huron City, located at the tip of the thumb was founded in 1853. The founder established a thriving lumber town, including mill operations, general store, church, school, baseball team, roller rink, plus houses and barns. At the turn of the century, Professor William Phelps, drew large crowds to the Huron City Church. People came from across the United States to hear Professor Phelps sermons and see the House of 7 Gables PS-22  DVD $22.00

“History of Michigan’s Largest Commercial Fishery”
This video is about the history of Michigan’s Largest commercial fishing industry on Saginaw Bay from the 1850’s to current times. The fishing industry also developed at Bay City, Essexville, East Tawas, Au Sable, Caseville, Oscoda, and Sebewaing. This 150 year visual history includes archival photos and rare film footage from fisheries around Saginaw Bay. PS-21 DVD $22.00

“Indian History of Michigan’s Thumb Region”
The documentary takes you from the Paleo and Woodland Indian periods to the “corn grinding” sites along the Huron shores. Travel in time from treaties and missionaries…To the colorful lives of Indian Dave, Peter Chatfield and others. Visit “White Rock” and see a pow-wow with traditional dance. The woodland flute of Robert Tall Tree adds realism to this historic glance at the past.  PS-11  DVD $22.00

“Mackinac Island…A 600 Year History” visually walks you through the Indian, French, and British periods, including the building of Fort Mackinac. Hundreds of historic photos depict the years from trading and commercial fishing, to its evolution into one of the greatest resort communities and tourist destinations it is known for today. PS-14  DVD $22.00

”Michigan’s Lumbering Days & Camp Life” recreates the life and times in the woodlands, from the 1850’s to the 1920’s. You will see hundreds of archival photos and the big trees of Hartwick Pines set the stage to take you back in time and show you how the “Shanty boys” lived.  PS-10 DVD $22.00

”The Orphan Train in Michigan”

From the 1850’s to the 1930’s, more than 250,000 orphans from New York City and Boston were sent westward. The train made many stops along the way as married couples picked out the boy or girl they wanted. Michigan was one of many middle western states to take in 12,500 children from 3 to 16 years of age. Captivating stories, eyewitnesses and photos make this a very special documentary.  PS-17  DVD $22.00

“Ora Labora…Pray & Work” is the story of a group of German Methodists from the eastern states, who, in the 1860’s came ashore at Wild Fowl Bay to form the community of Ora Labora. This is their survival story in the woods.  PS-05  DVD 22.00

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