Town Histories

“13 Towns of Huron County” traces the early history of Huron County to the current day. Thirteen town histories are visually depicted with archival photos and current-day footage.  PS-07 DVD $22.00





“The History & Pioneers of Bad Axe 1859-1959” How did the town got its name? Legend has it a broken axe was found at the old campsite where the town developed, and hence the name. In the mid 1860s the village became the county seat and the town flourished. The town drew national attention when Arthur Godfrey, on his radio show, sang “I Found My Baby in Bad Axe”   PS-08 DVD $22.00




“History & Pioneers of Bay Port 1847-1957” explains how it became the largest freshwater fishing port in the world. For years, they caught perch, sturgeon, herring and lake trout. The railroad built a large grand hotel, which brought thousands of tourists to the town. Bay Port has a rich history and celebrates each year with its “Fish Sandwich Festival”.   PS-03  DVD $22.00




The History of Caseville 1850-1960” visits the town that got its start as a lumbering town, with the Crawford family at its helm.  Each spring the Pigeon River would be filled with white pine logs. When the trees were gone, farming and commercial fishing established the base of trade. The railroads and sandy beaches created the tourist trade Caseville is known for today. PS-06  DVD $22.00




“Cass City-The First 150 Years” This town in Tuscola County was first settled in 1865. The Cooper & Wright Lumber Camp, located on the Cass River, created the first settlement known as “Ekland”. Cass City has one of widest main streets in Michigan.. Cass City can claim celebrity status, to a National Baseball Hall of Famer, an award winning Olympic Athlete, and a famous Astronaut.   PS-23  DVD $22.00




“The History & Pioneers of Harbor Beach 1838-1958” is a good example of small town growth and sucess. One of the several pioneers, the Jenks family settled and for 100 years was the largest employer in the area. The village boasts its own Harbor of Refuge, built in the 1870’s. The “Great Storm of 1913” is also presented as part of Michigan’s maritime history. PS-13 DVD $22.00




“The History & Pioneers of Lapeer” Early settlers were drawn by the fertile land and great stands of timber. The Harts and the Whites were pioneer families that competed for the county seat in their respective villages. Lapeer is proud to have the oldest continually used courthouse in Michigan, built in the 1830’s and preserved by the Lapeer County Historical Society. PS-09 DVD $22.00




“150 Year History of Mayville, including Fostoria, Juniata & Silverwood”
This documentary tells the storyof Mayville, Michigan and the surrounding area. From the early settlers all the way up to modern day Mayville and the annual Sunflower Festival and other events. PS-26 DVD $22.00




“History & Pioneers of Oxford” harkens back to the early days of Michigan’s statehood. Early settlers came to the area and established homes, farms and businesses. The railroad was a great influence, along with the Detroit Urban Railway. The town is known as the “Gravel Capital of the World” with a mining history of nearly 100 years!  PS-15  DVD $22.00




“The History & Pioneers of Pigeon 1853-1953 Vol.1” was the 1st documentary produced in 1994. The town developed in the late 1800s, with the village of Berne nearby. The railroad came through, choosing Pigeon as the crossroads. By 1903, the village had two hotels, two banks, and a well-established main street. 100’s of old photos are used to trace the towns history and its people up to the 1950’s.  PS-01  DVD $22.00




“The History of Pigeon Centennial Special” The year 2003 was a year for celebration as it highlights 100 years as an incorporated Village in Michigan’s farm country. The video tells the story of its pioneers, schools, churches, businesses, disasters and celebrations up to its current times including September 11, 2001. PS-16  DVD $22.00




“The History & Pioneers of the Port Austin Area 1837-1957” tells the story of the Port Austin village at the tip of the thumb and the early days of Port Crescent. The area has an Indian history, picturesque shorelines and early tourism to add to its legacy. Huron City, a lumber town, was also the summer home of Dr. Phelps and the Hubbard Families, now a historic site and museum. Lighthouses and “Turnip Rock” at Point Aux Barques are included in this history. PS-12  DVD $22.00




“The History & Pioneers of Saline 1820-1965” lets you ride the “Chicago Road” to Saline with the early settlers. Good farmlands and the Saline River supplied grain products and water power to operate several grist and flour mills. Henry Ford had a mill on the river and a school. Saline can also boast of its salt springs, mastodon findings, an opera house and famous puppeteer.  PS-04 DVD  $22.00




“The History & Pioneers of Sebewaing 1853-1953” tells how Reverend Auch, a Lutheran, built an Indian Mission on the banks of the Shebeon and carved out a community in the wilderness. The town of Sebewaing developed with shipbuilding, coal mining, lumber mills, farming, and many merchants. Sugar beet processing started in 1901 and continues today, making Sebewaing the the “Sugar Capital of Michigan”!
PS-02  DVD  $22.00



“The History and Pioneers of Vassar” The town was founded in the mid-1850’s as a lumbering town by the Honorable. Townsend North. The town also had a woolen mill, with its famous “Vassar Sweater”. Today it is known as the “Cork Pine Capital of Michigan”. See 150 years of history unfold before your eyes! From its business and farm community, floods, churches and schools and moving on to the prosperous community it is today.  PS-18  DVD $22.00

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