Making History

To preserve early Michigan town histories, PSI developed the Visual History Preservation series in 1994.  The town of Pigeon was the first preservation project and fundraiser for the Chamber of Commerce and Historical Society…Over the years, 18 Michigan town visual histories have been produced for local historical societies, which in turn generates an ongoing source of income for each society.  Over 26,000 historical videos and DVD are in homes, schools and libraries throughout Michigan

Every year, PSI produces one or two special projects on various topics. “Michigan in the Civil War” is our latest documentary project..  Over 2,000 Michigan Civil War Reenactors took part in this production.   The first program, in 1996, “Ora Labora…Pray & Work” is the story of a 1860’s German-Methodist Community located in the woods near the shore of  Saginaw Bay.  The “Indian History of the Thumb Regionâ” and “Michigan’s Lumbering Days and Camp Life” relates the stories of early Michigan history.  “Mackinac Island…A 600 Year History” uses period photographs, glass plate negatives, artwork, present-day footage, plus reenactments shot on the Island and the Straits area.

The Historical Society of Michigan awarded the Eicher’s with the “Award of Merit for Distinguished Professional Service”.  The “Award of Merit” are the highest award presented by the State’s official historical society and oldest cultural organization.  According to the Society, the Eicher’s have demonstrated a wealth of creative talent in researching and producing historic documentary videos on an interesting variety of Michigan topics and communities.

Preserving Michigan’s History is our goal. In our 16 years of producing documentaries, PSI has visited many towns where history is being  preserved through the work of historical societies, museums, libraries, and individuals who have a love and appreciation for visually documenting the past.  We help the societies to stimulate new interest in  preserving the town’s history.  Your town might be next!  There are many towns in Michigan that we’d like to document and we  also have more Michigan history projects in development.   If you have an idea for a project, let us know.  Contact us at or call 248-333-2010.  We hope you enjoy viewing our Michigan Town Histories and other Preservation Videos.


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